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Samples tests

  •  Job profiles
Reasoning skills tests: verbal, numerical and abstract tests
EPSO provides interactive sample tests which are only available in English, French and German.  
Sample situational judgment
This type of tests can be part of the computer-based testing (AD-Administrators and AST 3) or the assessment phase (AST 1).
  •  Assistants (AST3)
Admission tests
Accuracy, prioritising, organising as well as situational judgment skills are assessed in the second language.
  •  Administrators (included specialists)
General skills
This exercise is composed of a structured interview, a group exercise, an oral presentation and a case study about the field of competition.
  •  Translators
Linguists - AD
The language tests assess translation skills.
  • More languages available on the EPSO website
Head of unit - AD
The test consists in assessing the quality of your translation of a text from one of your source languages into your main language.
  •  Lawyer-linguists (AD)
Competition for lawyer-linguists
It aims to assess your language skills, generally through the translation or the summary of a legal text.
The sample tests and general competition tests displayed on this site are made available for information only. 


Please note that these sample tests are related to competitions for which descriptions of tests and written tests can be different from those published by EPSO since then, for the admission to the same category. Those sample tests may be filled with other questions, depending on the technical means. 


EPSO reserves the right to adapt them without advance notice.

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