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Matteo Manzonetto, Communication Officer at the European Commission:
  • "Being in Brussels certainly helps kick-starting your EU career. You'd be able to understand if the EU and its institutions are your thing and, if they are, get better access to networking opportunities"
Patrice Geille, Deputy head of the French translation unit at the Court of Justice of the European Union:
  • "Do you like writing? Are you interested in Comparative Law and European Law? Do you know two other languages apart from French (German or English are often required)? Would you be keen on learning other European languages?"
Markku Haverinen, Translator in the Finnish unit of the Language Services of the European Central Bank:
  • "Do not be afraid to try your luck – the European institutions are not out of reach! With an open mind, an ambitious approach to work and a talent for translation, you will have every chance to succeed."
Jeremy Gardner, Senior Translator and Reviser at the European Court of Auditors:
  • "Translation can be rewarding in the EU institutions for a period of time..."
Alexandra Ekkelenkamp, Press Officer at the Council of the European Union:
  • "Before you invest time and energy into becoming an EU civil servant, you should know whether working abroad & in an international environment is for you. "
Lotte Berg, Head of the Danish Translation Unit at the Directorate for Translation of the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions:
  • "Throughout your studies and your jobs, show interest in other fields than that in which you graduate. Keep an open mind and broaden your experience although you may aim at working in translation and interpreting."
Aléxandros Kiriazis, Policy Officer at the Directorate General Climate Action:
  • "It can be very stimulating working in a highly educated, multi-cultural environment."
Antonio Gravili, Spokesman for Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission:
  • "Have the courage to apply! There is no possibility of success if you don't apply in the first place. "
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