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Several stages of a competition

Admission phase

The admission phase is an eliminatory first stage allowing to select applicants that are able to take part in the assessment phase. This selection is conducted through verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests on a computer. These tests are done in the main language of the applicant and / or by assessing its resume (for specialists competitions). Applicants who obtain the best scores are encouraged to take the assessment test.


Assessment phase

The assessment phase consists in a series of exercises that aims to evaluate if the applicant is able to occupy the position. All applicants are evaluated in an objective and standardized way, by several examiners, on the sames exercies and regarding clearly defined skills. 

The types of tests and exercices change according to the wanted profile. For instance, for a competition for generalist profiles, applicants are presented with a case study in the field of competition, a group exercice, an oral presentation and a structured interview. These tests are done in the second language of the applicant.

Specific skills are assessed differently according to the wanted profile.

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