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Camille Chayne, a student in the Master's program "Intercultural Management" at ISIT, was selected by the European Personnel Selection Office to promote the careers with the European Union. She succeeds Alice Montergnole and Mathieu Ragueneau.  

The program includes: managing the website and the networks, doing presentations. Camille, supported by a team of students from the Master's program "Intercultural Communication and Translation" (Nina Dunand, Kévin Hendjian, Pauline Mathis-Gocel, Claire Poutet and Alexandra Priori) targets the 820 multilingual and pluricultural students of ISIT.

What is exactly the assignment of an ambassador for the careers within the European Union? 

In 2010, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) launched the "EU Careers Student Ambassadors" programme. Since then, students from the best universities in Europe have been selected every year to provide information to their fellow students about the careers in the European institutions. Through this programme, the EPSO intends to encourage the most qualified students to apply to vacancies as EU officials and thus it hopes to receive applications that are more adapted to the profiles sought.

From left to right: Camille, Claire, Alexandra, Nina, Pauline and Kévin


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